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As much as we would like to, we're not always able to. The recipient might be out at a meeting, at the toilet or out for lunch. In which case, we would have to hand over to a receptionist, their parents, the guardhouse - someone else who can take receipt of the flowers and hand it over to her directly.
We're really not able to cater for any time specific requests. Depending on our orders for that day, we come up with the "most efficient route" for our riders who take out a batch of flowers and to dedicated zones/areas. We do endeavour to deliver by 5pm if it's to an office and 7pm if it's to a home (anytime before that). Kindly ensure there is someone who is able to receive the flowers in the event your recipient is not around.
A superbunch is 2, 3, 4 or even 5 bunches wrapped together as one bunch. Obviously bigger than just 1 bunch and for those times when you want to make a bigger impression.
We have partnered with iPay88 and PayPal as our preferred payment gateways. For direct bank transfer and local credit cards, you can choose the iPay88 option. For credit cards, especially if they are foreign credit cards and debit cards, you can choose the PaypPal option.
Do note that we do not guarantee a replacement.
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Once we have downloaded the information for our batch run, you won't be able to change any details for that particular order.